Educational Learning Systems, Inc.

Educational Learning Systems, Inc. (also referred to as ELS, Inc.) is a provider of proven, research-based K-12 math and reading online curriculum and effective professional development.  ELS, Inc. has been working with schools in Georgia and Florida for over 28 years.  Our mission is to help schools and school systems develop positive change in their instructional programs and learning environment through the effective implementation and use of technology.  We believe that technology should be a natural component of the classroom instructional strategies.  To achieve this goal the instructional technology of the classroom should be consistent and coordinated with the school goals and curriculum. Subsequently, it is also our mission to assist school systems to produce outstanding gains in student achievement while developing motivated learners and inspired teachers.  

Both Ken Hodges and Virginia Stoner, founding partners of ELS, Inc., have been providing educational software curriculum solutions to schools since 1985.  They are experienced in all phases of the implementation process and place particular emphasis on the planning and the monitoring of the implementation.  They both have school and district administrative experience and a long history of working with schools to integrate instructional software as a tool to enhance the learning opportunities for students.  Mr. Hodges and Ms. Stoner have both conducted numerous workshops and seminars throughout Georgia and Florida.  They are considered experts on the integration of technology into the curriculum resulting in outstanding student achievement.  The entire staff at ELS, Inc. is committed to providing the necessary resources for a successful implementation and a positive student learning experience.