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Reading Plus - Changing how students read

At Reading Plus we believe that reading well is essential for a student to unlock and pursue his or her potential. Reading is the gateway for students to discover who they are and who they can become. That's why Reading Plus integrates all three domains of reading - physical, cognitive, and emotional--in one program. Our approach is rooted in eight decades of research, and is proven to increase student achievement.

In Florida and Georgia over 60,000 students use Reading Plus each week. So far during this school year all students increased their reading speed an average of 45 words per minute with good comprehension and increased reading levels 1.3 grades!   

The 10,000 students who have completed more than 60 lessons increased reading rates an average of 90 words per minute and increased 3 grade levels in Reading Plus.

These gains are many multiples of what students normally achieve annually.  The process is simple and when followed as directed can produce significant results.


Every student is different

Reading Plus evaluates each student's reading level and speed independently of their grade level.  As students achieve consistently good comprehension they read more complex passages at faster rates. 

Silent reading fluency is devleoped by teaching readers to focus for longer periods of time but everything is tied to comprehension.   Vocabulary, visual skills, and writing activities are integrated in the Reading Plus instruction. 

Teachers play a key role in the instructional process and have immediate data and resources to assist students individually or in small groups.


The video below reviews Reading Plus usage in Osceola County, a county with a high ELL population.


Six of the reasons why the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta Georgia uses Reading Plus - in a way that only Ron can tell it.

With decades of experience with implementing systems that make a difference we have a number of other success stories and research to share.  Just as you will see in the videos, we want your students to say, "I love to read now!"

The best way to find out more about Reading Plus is to call or email and I will be glad to answer questions and discuss how we can make a difference in the lives of your students and teachers. 

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-Adam Hodges