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How DO we learn math?


Top researchers in brain plasticity and growth mindset are working hard to get the word out to educators: anyone can learn math to a high level.


Some factors in facilitating expansive learning are:

  • Ask Questions..."why does this make sense?"
  • Math is about connections and creativity
  • Depth is more important than speed
  • Mistakes are Valuable


Using visual models, students have pictorial representations with which to anchor learning. Students move through the Symphony Math curriculum, bridging models to numbers. As a result, students deepen and expand their mathematical knowledge and confidence.


Symphony Math is a blended learning program that helps students connect the Big Ideas in mathematics. Symphony Math includes the necessary tools for success in your classroom, school, and district:

  • An independent, fully integrated K-8 Screener/Benchmarker to identify At-Risk students and track growth throughout the school year


  • A complete K-4* curriculum for foundational number sense that follows most curriculum and state standards
    (*5th grade will be added in June!)


  • Conceptual development AND fact fluency in one program



  • Instant access to a full reporting and management system



If you would like to schedule a brief presentation on Symphony Math, please reply to this email, or contact me using the information below.

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